Now that you have your dress it is time to focus on your veil. While a veil is no longer a must, most brides choose to wear them, mostly because, it completes the look and it makes them feel like a bride. The trick is finding the right veil for you.

To find the right match for your dress, start by choosing the length. Try out various options to see which one compliments your gown. Do not let the veil break the flow of your look. Long veil such as ballet, chapel, and cathedral styles tend to be more traditional, while shorter veils, like birdcages, blushers, and flyways are a bit more informal and add edge to your look.

As a rule of thumb, if your gown is excessively embellished, go with a simple veil with minimal decoration. If your dress is on the simple side, feel free to experiment with embellished veils. Try to create a balance between the gown and the veil. The embellishments don’t have to match those of your dress exactly, but they should complement each other.

Unveil the possibilities, come to Bellissima Bridal and pick the best for your look!

Janet Bravo

Bridal Consultant & Blogger